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Seneca Wix Website Design

My website design pricing is transparent, flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs.  

Get an idea of what your uniquely written and designed website would cost.


First your Website Design and Build

It includes everything to get 

your website launched.



Consider how many pages you want

1 page is priced as one section or you might have 2 or 3 sections per page.

Pages/sections are £100 each.



Uniquely designed and written to showcase your service i.e. text/images, grid, image gallery, interactive etc.

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Seneca Wix Website Design

 Website Design and Build



Business and industry review

Client consultation

Website content creation

Bespoke website, themed and designed

Themed home page and footer

SEO optimised

Mobile responsive

Domain and hosting

Wix Premium Combi Plan for 1 year

Add pages/sections

£100 each

Includes per page/section

Uniquely designed sections with

2 images per section.

i.e. using text/image, grid, image

gallery - whatever is required to

showcase your service.

Take a look at some actual page section examples.


 Website design pricing examples

Here is an example of my website design pricing showing all the elements you need ... they aren't all extras! 
I'm confident you're going to find my website pricing hard to beat!

Seneca Wix Website Design

4 page (4 sections) website
Bespoke website design
Professionally written content

Design and content brief

Having reviewed your competitors and industry, we will discuss your services, what makes you unique and your brand image.

Website content written

From our meeting, I'll write your detailed content to showcase your business which will include keywords for your business.

Bespoke Website Design

Your stunning bespoke website will be designed to showcase your business with engaging layouts and images.

4 page, (4 sections) design

Choose 4 sections i.e. Service, Pricing, About, Clients and Contact etc.  These can include bespoke text/image sections,

picture gallery, grid, feature section etc.

Website images (2 images per section)

 8 images with SEO - Wix or your own

Choose more if required.


Free minor amends for one month.

SEO optimised

for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari etc.

Alt text descriptions of 10 images, meta page title and description, Google description, internal page linking and sitemap submissions.

Social media integration of all accounts.

Mobile optimised for mobile and iPads.

Domain and hosting for 1 year

Domain selection, connection and

Wix Premium Combi Plan hosting

worth £86.00.

Look at some pages section examples or find out more in Pricing FAQs.


Take a look at my website support work and website design.

Do you have a Wix website and need some Wix Website Support?

Seneca Wix Website Support
£40 per hour/£300 per day

How can I help you?

Engaging layouts, content revision,

new images, general help?

Design and content consultation

Send me your website address and let's

discuss what you need for your Wix website.


Decide what you want to achieve and let me enhance your existing content or create new.

Page Design and Layouts

Find out what could improve your user experience and engagement.


Relevant, vibrant Wix images transforms a website to make it engaging for visitors.

Call me and let's discuss.

Find out more about my Wix Website Support.


Do you need a Website Review to gain more enquiries?

Seneca Website Review Service
£150 half day/£300 full day

Gain a website review to

 kickstart your website review project

Value proposition

Is it clear to potential customers who you are, what you do and what you can offer?

User experience

Is your user experience unclear and dated?  

CTAs (Call to Action) and Forms

Are you not getting leads and enquiries?  It could be your CTAs are not working.

Detailed Website Review 

Let me know your budget and how much detail you need and I'll provide a review to outline improvements for you to discuss with your management team to progress your

website project with your own teams.

Call me and let's discuss.

Find out more about my Website Review Service.

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My detailed pricing gives you an understanding of how much

your website would cost for me to

design, write, build and launch.