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Website Section Examples

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Examples of a website page and section pricing

Each page is £100

Includes a perfect page image for your header page.  

Plus a 'section' with another themed image and text section that is written about your business,

and fully SEO optimised to get you found on Google.

Additional sections are £100

Any number of sections could include another image and text section, image gallery, grid, form etc.
Decide how much content you require and I will write and design it all, to fully showcase your business to your budget.


Plus additional text, and features are included throughout.

Take a look at the five examples below to gain an idea of what a section looks like. 
Obviously all pages will be designed uniquely for your website.

Give me a call and find out how I can grow your business, and save your time
by writing, designing and building a professional website for you.

Website page image and header
Page image and header
A striking page image will be chosen and header text is included.

Image and text section 

Your content will be written for each section, an engaging image chosen and text section designed for you. 

Website image and text section
Page image and header
Perfect professional images with header text is included and looks professional.

Image and text section 

Here is another image and text section with the image as a background strip.  The content about your service is included for each section and written for you.

Grid Gallery for images and text
Grid for images and text section
Striking images will be chosen and header text is included. This is used here to show the services on offer.

More options 

The grid can link to text, pages or Call to Action (CTA) and are fully customised to blend with your colour theme.

Grid Gallery.
Grid gallery
A classic grid gallery is a great way to showcase examples of your service.

More options

There are lots of options which include pro galleries, slider galleries, 3D, Postcard and Freestyle.

Carousel Gallery.
Carousel gallery
This carousel gives an animated effect, sliding from one image to another.

More options 

Pro galleries, grid galleries, slider galleries, 3D, postcard and freestyle.

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