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Website pricing and costs

FAQs - Website Pricing and Annual Costs

FAQs costs

Find out more about my low cost website design

 I want to give you an idea from the start of how much your website would cost, hence my pricing is structured to guide you and is fully loaded with everything you need for a complete website service - exceptional value at a very low cost.


VAT is not applicable on my pricing.

Seneca pricing v other website design agencies

What's different about

Seneca Wix Website Solutions?

My pricing is transparent with no hidden charges.  With many website companies you'll need to take the time to fill in all the details about your business and service in an online form and write your own content. This can be very time consuming. I will have researched information about your industry in advance of our call to find out how to structure your website content and begin finding out your keywords that are essential for SEO (search engine optimisation). We will then discuss your business, your growth aspirations, what makes you unique and all the elements of the service you offer - this is a much better use of your time.

My content writing is included with the amount of pages/sections you require. Many website agencies will charge per 500 words. 

Finally, many website agencies will charge for image selection, connecting your social media to the website, and many of the additional SEO features that I include as standard. Website agencies pricing can initially look low until you add on all the extras as you progress through the process. My low cost website design and support is very high value, without the associated costs.

Calculating your website costs

How to roughly calculate the cost of your website?

The Seneca Wix Website Design build cost is £1,000 which includes the business review, client consultations, content creation, bespoke website theming and design, 5 page sections, SEO optimisation and domain and hosting for 1 year.


Add on the number of pages/sections you need which are £100 each. 


i.e. a 4 page website with 4 sections will cost £1,000 for the website build plus 4 sections @ £100 each = £400.  Total = £1,400

i.e. a 7 page website with 7 sections will cost £1,000 for the website build plus 7 sections @ £100 each = £700.  Total = £1,700

A section includes usually one engaging page image, header plus another themed image and text section which is written for you.  Take a look at some website section examples.  Smaller text sections are included free.


What is the difference between a page and a section?

A page has a header page and at least one section but can have multiple sections.  A section might be a service section, price section, client section or contact section and might include a text/image section, gallery section, or image grid etc. Whatever is required to showcase your service and your budget.

What is the difference in costs between a page and a section?

They cost the same.  One page, one section but you can have multiple sections per page.  The cost is per section and each section would be £100.  We can discuss how many you need to convey your business offering and obviously to suit your budget.

Can I add additional sections/pages to my website at any time?

Yes of course. During the build or after the website launch you can add what you need at any time. Your website can expand as your business and service grows.  

Payment terms

What are the payment terms?

Following my detailed quotation, 50% of the cost is required in advance to commence a website build or service and the balance of 50% after the website or service is launched or completed. VAT will not be charged.

Annual costs

How much will the website cost annually?

Included in my pricing is 1 year's domain and hosting. In year 2 it will cost you just £119 for another year of the Wix Core plan hosting which is the most popular for small businesses and professionals. Plus you will also need to renew your domain name ( for the year which will be £11.00.  Wix pricing has only increased slightly in previous years. You will be responsible for the domain and hosting renewal payment but I can provide this renewal service for you.


Website maintenance enquiry

Websites are a little like cars in that they perform really well with regular care i.e. correct tyre pressure, and servicing. You can easily check your website yourself by going through all the pages weekly and checking all your links and CTAs (forms, buttons etc) and making sure they are all correctly performing. Monthly tasks would include checking the website load time and your SEO, Google presence. 


If you don’t have the time to do this I’m happy to provide this service.  Let me know what you need and I can give you a quote.

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After your Wix website is built, you could manage your website yourself or
I can support you if you prefer.

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