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Philippa Kent - Seneca Wix Website Solutions

About my Website Design

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Hi, I'm Philippa - a Website Designer based in Berkshire - between Newbury and Reading.

What makes me a good choice to build your website Get to know a little about me and find out.

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My career path to becoming a Website Designer

I’ve enjoyed a varied corporate career from meetings and event planning to marketing and internal communications, but my increasing passion over the years has been refreshing or creating websites for both corporate and small businesses.


Mostly I’ve provided the content and all the project management plus some of the design concepts for the design agencies to build.  However, I’ve often felt it frustrating not to be able to liaise directly with the developer as their accuracy was not always perfect.


I knew there was a gap for high quality website design with content writing included for small business and professionals, but at an affordable cost.


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Why Wix web design and Wix support?

I've met numerous people that couldn't afford a website agency and chose Wix to build their website and grow their business with great success. I checked out other website development platforms and for sure, Wix stood out as the best.

There are lots of other people that don't have the know how or time to write and build their own website. 

Hence, I'm providing the complete website design solution - write, design and build. Plus providing support to those that have a Wix website but need help with content, design and fixing issues.


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Wix website designer - creating stunning websites 

With my passion for designing websites, creating engaging content and with a keen eye for detail, I know I’m bridging the gap for businesses that need a professional website solution without the associated high agency costs.

Providing more and giving more
I like to help people as much as I can, deal with integrity and commit to deliver a perfect result. Additionally, I can guide and assist on a range of marketing activities to enhance your brand.

My website design service is based in Berkshire

I'm based in Bradfield in Berkshire (between Newbury and Reading), but it really doesn't matter where you are or I am. 
Our first 'meeting' is best face to face, in person or via an online platform, Zoom, WhatsApp etc.

Get in touch and let's discuss.

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Professional, stunning websites, designed with passion, perfection and pride.  

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