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FAQs -Wix and Seneca Wix Websites

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Wix websites and hosting plans

Can you build your own Wix website?
Absolutely!  If you have the time, understand what to write and know how to engage potential customers then this is an option.  Just be mindful that your website is your shop window and it needs to look perfect and professional for them to choose you.


You will need to invest a lot of time and effort to get it looking perfect and to then get found with effective SEO (search engine optimisation).  It’s easier when you now how, but when it's your first time just be prepared for quite a bit of frustration during the weeks you’re learning and building it. A lot of small businesses simply haven't got the time to produce a professional website, can afford the delay in gaining new business or detract from running their day to day business.  Hence the need for a professional website design service - Seneca Wix Website Solutions.


Why choose a Wix website?

It's the leading website design and hosting platform and hosts 160 million websites.  It's flexible, powerful and has a huge library of website assets that speed up developments.  Once built you can manage the website yourself or I can assist you going forward. 

Find out more about why you would choose Wix.

What types of businesses would suit Seneca Wix Website Solutions?

I'm providing my service to professionals and small to medium size businesses.

What hosting plan is included?

The Wix Light Plan is suitable for most small business providing 2GB Bandwidth and 3GB of Storage which is ideal for most small businesses - it's included within my standard pricing. Should you need a different the plan, I will give you the value of the Light plan towards an alterative plan.

Can Wix accommodate growth in my website?

Yes certainly.  As you grow your business, your website can develop too.  You could add additional pages, sections, images, a Blog, a professional logo, a dedicated email account, a booking service and even an online shop and much more.  Wix continuously stays ahead of trends and features to ensure your website can accommodate what you require.


What are domains?
A domain is the name (web address) of your website and will ideally be your business name i.e. if your business is called ‘ABC Supplies’ your web domain would be  I will check that your desired business name is available for your domain. Your first year's domain is included within my pricing.  After the first year you will need to renew your domain which is currently £11.00 per year.  Find out more about domains.

Navigation - one page rolling v top bar navigation

What's the difference between a one page scrolling website and a top bar navigation?

They look the same as they both have top bar navigation but on a one page scrolling website all of the text scrolls down from the home page which makes it very quick and easy to navigate all the sections.  The sections appear as pages from the top bar navigation and can be navigated in just the same way. i.e take a look at my Clients page - SD Classics has a one page rolling website.


Top bar navigation is more traditional (like this website) and it suits larger sites and has more of an advantage as each page will have it's own SEO. It's your choice what best suits your potential clients which we can discuss. Find out more about bespoke website design costs FAQ Pricing and Costs.

SEO (Search engine optimisation)

What SEO is provided in the pricing?

Each Seneca Wix Website Design price package includes that your website will be fully optimised for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Safari to enable your website to get found.  SEO actions include meta page titles and descriptions, images will all have alt text descriptions, industry most searched keywords will be used throughout, internal pages will be linked to each other and the sitemap submitted to Google and Bing etc.  

Wix Website design and support

Do you have your own Wix website and need help - what are the benefits?

A lot of time saved for starters!  Everything is easy when you know how ... but it takes quite a long time learning how to do things and even longer to sort it out if you make mistakes.  Having an attractive design with concise content creates a great user experience. The structure of your website with H1, H2 headers is crucial along with the SEO descriptions for each page.  If you don't get it right, you just won't get found.  Most small business have to juggle so many tasks, but getting fast professional support to resolve your Wix website issues is both cost and time effective.  Take a look at my Wix Website Service Support which is charged hourly or daily.

Seneca Wix Website Solutions is based in Berkshire

My bespoke Wix website design and support service is based in Berkshire.  Ideally we would 'meet' for a couple of hours face to face, on Zoom, Facetime or a phone call, whatever works best for you. With so many 'meet' options, it really doesn't matter where you are or I am!

Light and Shadow

Seneca Wix Website Solutions, deliver stunning website designs exclusively for you.

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